Who gets a free gas bill? – rahnam

According to the economic correspondent of rahnam News Agency, based on the June resolution of the Council of Ministers, changes were made in the way of calculating the gas tariff for the household sector this year. According to this resolution, the gas tariff is not different from last year’s tariff, but the stairs used are classified as 100 cubic meters instead of 75 cubic meters.

Also, in order to encourage gas subscribers in the cold season this year, measures have been taken to receive free gas bills for subscribers who save on consumption compared to last year.

Muslim Rahmani, the director of coordination of gas supply affairs of the National Gas Company of Iran, said in this regard: According to the new decree, some subscribers should save between 10 and 35 percent in the period from December 16 to March 15 compared to the same period in the previous year. Not only will they pay a fee, but they will also receive an amount as a savings bonus.

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