The beginning of the fourth day of registration for the election of the Assembly of Leadership Experts – rahnam

According to the political correspondent of rahnam news agency, the fourth day of registration of candidates for the sixth term of elections of the Assembly of Leadership Experts started a few minutes ago.

Registration of applicants, which started on November 14, continues until Saturday, November 20, every day from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

According to the officials of the country’s election headquarters, candidates can apply for registration by referring to the Ministry of Interior or Qom governorate or governorates all over the country.

The minimum age of 40 years is one of the conditions announced by the country’s election headquarters. This registration is in person, but each applicant can have a representative to go through the registration process.

The enrollment statistics by the end of the third day was 88 people, and the provinces of Ilam, Zanjan, Semnan, Qom, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Tehran, Isfahan, Mazandaran and West Azerbaijan constitute the largest number of volunteers, respectively.

According to rahnam’s report, the sixth election cycle of the Assembly of Leadership Experts and also the 12th election cycle of the Islamic Council Assembly will be held on March 11, 1402.

Some faces who signed up today:

– The representative of Ayatollah Sadegh Amoli Larijani attended the election headquarters of the Ministry of Interior and registered on his behalf in the elections of the Assembly of Experts.

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