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According to the Defense Group of rahnam News Agency, General Tangsiri, Commander of the IRGC Navy, explained the role of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies in the IRGC Navy, referring to the holding of the National Conference on Emerging Maritime Opportunities and Threats.

Sardar Alireza Tangsiri, commander of the IRGC Navy, while explaining the new technologies used in the IRGC Navy, said: We used new technologies and sciences in the four main areas of navigation, unmanned aerial vehicles, missiles, and submarines.

The secretary of the National Conference on Emerging Maritime Opportunities and Threats stated: In the navigation sector, we were able to make the vessels intelligent like drones, vessels that lack humans and can travel very high ranges, perform operations and return.

Explaining new technologies in the missile sector, he said: We have increased the range and accuracy of the missile. We have equipped the missile with artificial intelligence. Because our missiles are equipped with artificial intelligence, they have the possibility of firing from several systems, and they can be aligned towards a target, and even these missiles can be guided so that, for example, they do not destroy this target and hit the next target.

Emphasizing the localization of equipment and systems with the latest technologies in the IRGC Navy, Sardar Tangsiri stated: “Today, we are proud that our missiles are entirely Iranian and made by Iran from the head of the missile to the end of the missile.”

The secretary of the National Conference on Emerging Maritime Opportunities and Threats in explaining artificial intelligence in the drone sector said: We were able to equip drones with artificial intelligence, and this technology is effective on their flight and targeting accuracy and radar avoidance, and we are proud to use the drone in a We produced in a very short time by turning threats into opportunities and using new technologies and local knowledge, and all the equipment of these UAVs including wings, body, engine, guidance system, etc. are made in-house.

Sardar Tangsiri stated that we have equipped subsurface vessels with smart and artificial intelligence like drones and surface vessels and noted: these vessels are able to take command and attack the target in a formation, carry out a mission at one point and come back and even do information work.

He stated that research and new technologies in the IRGC Navy are of special importance and said: New and emerging technologies in the four fields of navigation, missile, drone and subsurface have been used in the IRGC Navy and have led to the accumulation of power. .

Sardar Tangsiri, in explaining the philosophy of holding the national conference on emerging maritime opportunities and threats, pointed to the recommendation of the Supreme Leader and said: The Supreme Leader (Madzala Al-Ali) said that our military universities must have a plan to deal with new and new threats and this It should be considered in university research.

He continued: In this regard, the National Conference on Emerging Maritime Opportunities and Threats will be held by the Imam Khamenei Maritime University (Madzaleh Al-Ali) from tomorrow for two days in Zibakanar located in Gilan province.

Sardar Tangsiri, referring to the reception of this conference by the scientific community, said: a total of 293 articles were received in this conference, which shows the good reception of the scientific community.

Tangsiri added: “Before the conference, we have held several meetings under the chairmanship of Major General Rahim Safavi, and three pre-conferences were held at Imam Hussein University, Imam Khomeini (RA) Nadaja Maritime University, and Allameh Tabatabai University, which were rich in science. This conference helped, and on the first day of the conference, several specialized panels will be held under the guidance of prestigious universities of the country and related organizations.

In the end, Sardar Tangsiri emphasized: Our goal of this conference is to predict newly emerging maritime opportunities and threats and how to deal with these threats and use the opportunities wisely.

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