Raisi’s reaction to the statements of the Zionist regime official about the use of atomic bombs against the people of Gaza – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency’s government section, President Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, at the meeting of the government delegation this Wednesday morning, considered the silence and inaction of international organizations in response to the crimes of the Zionist regime against the defenseless people of Gaza as the reason for the greater discredit of these organizations in the eyes of the nations of the world and stated: this issue is in addition to It is considered to be a proof of the right of the people of the world to replace a just order instead of the current oppressive structure.

He also pointed to the statements of an official of the Zionist regime about the use of atomic bombs against the innocent and defenseless people of Gaza and stated: Today, the position of the Islamic Republic of Iran in considering the existence of this terrorist regime as dangerous for human society and the necessity of confronting it and defending The rights of the oppressed Palestinian people have been proven to everyone.

In the continuation of this meeting, the President, referring to the notification of the general policies of the development of the sea by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, and stating that the government is responsible for the implementation of these policies, of course, with the cooperation and coordination of other institutions, said: According to the order I issued today, all related institutions in The center as well as the coastal provinces must submit their proposals for the formulation of the implementation plans of these general policies within three months so that the work of reviewing and approving them in the government and the parliament can be completed within the six-month period set by the supreme leader of the revolution.

In the next part of his speech, Raeesi pointed out the importance of paying attention to the issue of quality in decisions and programs, and noted that improving quality, paying attention to the comprehensiveness of decisions and doing things on time are public expectations from the people’s government.

He also pointed to the issue of population as one of the significant issues in planning and said: In the context of the population rejuvenation program, it is necessary for all institutions to do their tasks properly.

At the beginning of today’s meeting, Daoud Manzoor, the head of the Program and Budget Organization, presented a report on the major rulings and tables of the 1403 budget bill.

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