Raisi left for Tajikistan/Relationship with Central Asia is on the agenda of the government – rahnam

According to the correspondent of rahnam news agency, President Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raisi left for a one-day trip to the capital of Tajikistan “Doshanbe” a few minutes ago.

Meeting with the president, high officials and signing cooperation documents will be among the plans of this trip.

Raisi will also leave from Tajikistan to Uzbekistan to participate in the 16th ECO Economic Cooperation Organization Summit in Tashkent.

In this one-day meeting, he will also explain Iran’s positions and meet with a number of leaders and high officials participating in the summit.

According to this report, before his departure, the president said in a speech at the Mehrabad airport: One of the characteristics of the foreign policy of the 13th government is the relationship with the neighboring Muslim countries. From the beginning of the administration, we have emphasized that the countries of Central Asia have significant capacity, that the relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and these countries and the development of our relations will be on the agenda.

Raisi said: My previous trip to Tajikistan was accompanied by the opening of knots of issues between the two countries and our political, economic and cultural relations were developed. The numbers also show that our relations with Tajikistan are different from before this government.

He said: This trip is also done in order to strengthen the political, economic and cultural relations between the two friendly, brotherly and co-speaking countries of Iran and Tajikistan. Documents will be signed to develop relations.

The president added: My next trip to Uzbekistan will be the rotating chairmanship of the ECO Cooperation Organization, and the link between ECO members is a central issue and will be discussed at the 16th ECO Summit. In this meeting, important discussions will be held between members to develop relations.

Raisi clarified: We will also have meetings with the heads of member states on the sidelines of this meeting. The most important issue that we have to raise in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan will be the Gaza issue. Today, the issue of Palestine is discussed in the world of Islam and the world of humanity, and people all over the world today have serious hatred towards the Zionist regime and its crimes against humanity. There is this question of the people of the world to America and the western countries that support this regime and the criminals of the region that “why do they allow this oppression to the oppressed and powerful people of Palestine?”

He said: These issues will be discussed at the Uzbekistan summit, and of course we have had discussions with various countries in the past.

The president said: “Unfortunately, the people of the world are disappointed with the actions of international organizations and these mechanisms are ineffective in supporting the oppressed, and the people of the world are witnessing the inaction of these organizations.” The voice of the oppressed is not heard as much as it should be. These negotiations and consultations should lead to the creation of a just world order, in the shadow of which, the oppressor will be put in his place and punished, and the voice of the oppressed will also be heard.

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