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According to the cultural reporter of rahnam news agency, Khaneh Cinema has always been considered as the largest and most prominent trade union of cinematographers in the country.

Among the main goals of the establishment of the Cinema House are the preservation and protection of the material and intellectual rights of the professionals involved in the production, distribution and exhibition of the cinema industry, as well as the creation of job security and the improvement of the educational and professional level of the cinema operators of the country, which undoubtedly exist in the statutes of the Cinema House In the very early years of its establishment, it encouraged cinema people and encouraged members of different cinema guilds to become members of Cinema House.

But what did the cinema house do when its veterans always shout that they are unemployed! They don’t have a home! They don’t have insurance and many other problems that don’t fit in this field. More than union work is important for cinema house members, they put assembly, writing statements and protesting and criticizing on their agenda.

He has always tried to challenge the governments, but since March 1401, when Marzieh Broumand set foot in the cinema house, he tried to look differently. In his speeches, he pointed out this point many times, I have come so that peace and tranquility can be established, to solve the issues together. In fact, he wanted everything to proceed in the shade of kindness and compassion.

Marzieh Broumand sought to solve problems, neither writing statements nor giving numerous interviews! He held a press conference and spoke compassionately and respectfully, unlike some past CEOs who tried to seek their own personal and group interests rather than collective interests by challenging, protesting and criticizing them! But Broumand’s behavior was different.

As his films and works were criticized and he wanted to answer the critics, this point can be clearly seen that Broumand was not and is not one for quarrels. But there are people and groups who always wanted the cinema house not to solve livelihood problems and pay attention to the well-being of cinema people. Khaneh Cinema should continue writing its statement and be a radical protester instead of a sympathetic critic.

Where the movie house should be placed in the equation in the current situation and how much it can help in solving the countless problems of the cinema, requires a detailed discussion that is not possible in the current environment, but so far it can be clearly seen that the movie house is caught in the middle of the political views of its trustees. And as if there is no escape from it.

How is it possible that in the current situation where the livelihood and well-being of the cinema residents is the first priority, the cinema house writes statements that have nothing to do with the external relations and realities of the society. In what air and atmosphere are the trustees of the movie theater walking when they are all strangers to the real problems of movie theater people?! This point has been said many times by veteran artists, but who is listening!

Marzieh Broumand announced her resignation last night, as it was clear from the day of Dariush Mehrjoui’s funeral that people would not let her be anymore. Because at the funeral ceremony of the deceased movie director, he announced: “Be kind to us, we will fight with Israel by your side.” His words were accompanied by many reactions.

Even the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance pointed out on the sidelines of the short film festival that: “I don’t consider the incident that I saw at the funeral of the late Mehrjooi to be attributed to the people of art.” Mrs. Broumand was speaking when some people were not allowed to speak, they are some people who are miles away from emotional, moral, etc. standards, and we consider these people very few, there is no connection between them and the artistic community.”

Even after the burial of Mehrjooi’s body, Broumand gave this explanation about his own words: “Like all artists, I hate war, bloodshed and killing. Artists have always been defenders of peace and tranquility and have condemned any crime committed by any criminal anywhere in the world. They don’t expect anything from anyone except to respect their art and the works they create, an art whose main goal is to negate violence, war, inequality and injustice.”

But from that day on, it was clear that Marzieh Broumand will no longer continue with the cinema house; Because the usual people who don’t want the cinema house to be a cinema house won’t let him be. Kindness, compassion, interaction and uniformity have no meaning in the principles of these people. They want to always remain in the position of opposition and opposition.

Party celebrations, colorful statements and fights with governments will continue. If we take a look at the reason for the resignation of Marzieh Bromand, which she wrote on her virtual page, maybe a part of these ambiguities will be resolved; In a part of his writing, he said: “I came to advance the main and fundamental demands of the cinema classes by avoiding getting caught in the daily cycle and fulfilling the basic and short-term demands of some members and the big plans of the board of directors, which prioritize the demands of Sanof was also there, I would follow and implement, but the sidelines and the successive sad events and the currents and internal disagreements of the cinema house led to the suspension of the implementation of some of the big plans of the board of directors and its assignment to an unknown future.

We have to see who will be the new CEO of Cinema House? Among the protesting insiders of the cinema house or someone from the cinema!

To survive in this country, cinema needs peace and stability and purposeful and principled programs in the short and long term. In the past two years, whenever there has been peace and stability in the cinema, the cycle of production, broadcasting and screening has been active and the cinema has prospered, and whenever there has been no such stability and peace for any reason, the cinema has been severely damaged.

In this field, the cinema house has not had a brilliant history in the last two years and has not been able to contribute to the stability and peace of the cinema family. It should be hoped that the trustees of the cinema house will finally come to a common understanding of the pains and problems with the people of the cinema family and think of a solution to solve it.

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