Minister of the Interior: We will hold the elections in full glory/ Enemies’ attempt to weaken people’s participation – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Qazvin, Ahmed Vahidi, in a meeting with the representative of the religious jurist in the province and the Friday Imam of Qazvin, said: Qazvin province is the cradle of culture and civilization, and the holy shrine of Imamzadeh Hossein (AS) in this region is the center of all cultural discussions in the province.

He added: Qazvin province has very good capacities in cultural matters, and it is natural that despite all the capacities, this province has some problems, and efforts should be made to use these capacities efficiently.

Vahidi said: The fact that there is no unemployment problem in a city like Buin Zahra and some other cities of the province shows that work, effort and construction are going on in Qazvin province, which is considered very favorable.

The Minister of Interior added: The issue of water is a problem in many provinces of the country. In Qazvin province, with the completion of the Balakhanlu dam and the transfer of water from the Taleghan dam, drinking water is provided to a large extent. .

He said: The agricultural area of ​​Qazvin province needs conversion industries and more support should be provided for the growth and prosperity of this area.

Vahidi added: The implementation of the water market and the acceptance of this project by the people is of great importance, and if it is implemented, water productivity will increase and in a way, water will be valued more than today.

Referring to the holding of elections, the Minister of Interior added: Elections require the continuous efforts of all those involved in the system because the enemy is trying hard to weaken the participation and make the elections ineffective.

He stated: The number of candidates in the Islamic Council elections is significant, and the Juma Imamat network and different sections of the people should work hard to hold the elections as magnificently as possible.

Vahidi continued: Enemies are trying to attack the elections by spreading false words, but all three powers are trying to hold the elections in the most magnificent way possible.

The Minister of Interior said: “The most important event of the country this year is the election, and everyone should participate in this field in order to witness the all-round participation of the people.”

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