Major General Rahim Safavi: The future threats against Iran will be “sea-based and air-based” / the triangle of “Iran, China and Russia” to confront America – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency from Rasht, Major General Seyyed Yahya Safavi said this morning at the National Conference on Emerging Maritime Opportunities and Threats organized by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy: The Sea of ​​Oman and the Persian Gulf, which is a branch of the Indian Ocean, connects the new maritime continental territory with the participation of Asian powers such as China, India and Russia, as well as the formation of Asian and Eurasian powers in the cooperation structure of Shanghai and BRICS, are in the maritime domain of America and its allies.

The importance of the China-Serkhs-Iran-Iraq-Syria and Mediterranean corridor

Supreme Advisor to the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces referring to the route of the China Corridor, Iran’s Sarkhs to Iraq, Syria and the Mediterranean in 3 directions from Kermanshah to Baghdad, Khorramshahr to Basra and Kurdistan to Sulaymaniyah, as well as the route of the North-South Corridor, Bandar Anzali – Bandar Abbas and Bandar Anzali and Chabahar Tsarih Kurd: These corridors will allocate 12 billion dollars of transit rights to Iran annually.

Maj. Gen. Safavi stated that the current and future battle scenes are influenced by the technology paradigm in military fields, and added: The increasing development of technology today has caused the military forces to move towards strengthening the capabilities of technology affected by the needs.

Future threats against Iran are sea-based and air-based

He considered the sea as an opportunity and a threat and stated: “Technology” is a power that both sides can benefit from. Ourself and the optimal use of technology are of particular importance.

Referring to the increase in the power of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Supreme Commander’s assistant and adviser said: One of the opportunities is to increase the ability to monitor and increase the power of targeting, maneuverability, quickness and decision-making, reducing reliance on the human user. Today, unmanned equipment is one of the new technologies that are used in various commercial and recreational fields.

Emerging technologies have opportunities and potential threats

Maj. Gen. Safavi stated that emerging technologies have opportunities and potential threats and added: the promotion of national and transnational power and the geopolitical situation of Iran depends on influencing the new global geometric order with the comprehensive presence of political, economic, military, Shanghai Cooperation Organization and other regional organizations and It is international.

He announced the compilation of Iran’s 1424 vision for the purpose of territorial planning and macro, political and economic, cultural and military orientations and the necessity of governments to comply with this policy and stated: In the current situation, categories such as Iran’s priority to strengthen the maritime strategy in economic and political dimensions and military, the increase of Iran’s aerospace power, sea power and air defense with its presence in the waters of the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans, as well as Iran’s access to modern industrial, military, agricultural and renewable energy technologies, will be considered for the all-round development of Iran and to deal with sanctions .

Increasing Iran’s deterrent power in terms of sea-based and air-based threats

The Assistant and Supreme Advisor of the Supreme Commander emphasized the need to increase Iran’s deterrent power in the dimensions of sea-based and air-based threats and noted: National cohesion and the strength of endogenous power by solving the livelihood and economic problems of the people are among the issues that are of particular importance in the Islamic Republic. Is.

Major General Safavi considered the development of Islamic culture and civilization and the connection with the countries of the Islamic world as well as the establishment of common security and stable peace in the West Asia region to be of particular importance and stated: The Islamic Republic can conclude non-aggression pacts and political relations with neighboring countries. expand your economy.

Dealing with America and its allies with the cooperation of Iran, China and Russia

Referring to the necessity of confronting the unilateralism of the United States and its allies with the cooperation of great powers such as China and Russia based on common threats and interests, he noted: With China and Russia, we can achieve common interests at the strategic level and deal with the threats of the United States and NATO. It requires a long-term strategy.

The Supreme Commander-in-Chief’s assistant and adviser pointed to the crimes of the Zionists in Gaza and said: In these incidents, the aspirations of the resistance front and the determination of the fate of the Palestinian land will be in the hands of the Palestinians.

He considered the freedom of Quds and Palestine to be the key to the unity of Muslims, and stating that the resistance front will become more united and stronger, he added: The resistance forces in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, etc. will become stronger day by day.

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