Exclusive The general management of Israel’s nuclear centers has been handed over to the Americans – rahnam

According to the rahnam International Group, the Americans have taken over the management of the nuclear centers of this regime a few days after the Al-Aqsa storm hit the Zionists.

Earlier, rahnam news agency had announced in a news that due to the collapse of management cohesion in the Zionist military sector following the severe impact of the Al-Aqsa storm operation, the American commanders have taken over the leadership of an important part of the Israeli military operations against the people of Gaza.

But recently, rahnam Kasab reporters informed that this collapse of management cohesion is not limited to the military sector and since two weeks ago, the Americans have also taken over the management of the Zionist atomic centers.

One of the consequences of the Al-Aqsa storm operation is the “intensification of rift and mistrust” in different layers of the security and military institutions of the Zionist regime. Before this operation, the regime’s army and especially its air force witnessed a “strike” that led to the purge of high-ranking generals. On the other hand, the dispute between the Internal Security Organization (Shabak) and the Minister of Internal Security (Ben Guer) had also become public. After this operation, the level of division and mistrust has reached the point where it has practically disrupted the functioning of these institutions and caused the first-rate political leaders to join the arms of the Americans in special security institutions.

Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in a tweet officially named the heads of the regime’s security organizations responsible for the impact of the Al-Aqsa storm operation, but after about 9 hours of publication, due to the amount of pressure and the spread of disputes, he was forced to delete that tweet.

Some sources told rahnam that the nuclear threat to the people of Gaza was made by some Zionist officials with the coordination of the American managers of these complexes.

A few days ago, the Minister of Cultural Heritage of the Israeli regime said in a statement that “dropping an atomic bomb on Gaza is one of the options of the Israeli war cabinet.”

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