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According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, the non-governmental organization Doctors Without Borders, referring to the catastrophic human conditions in the Gaza Strip, called for an immediate ceasefire in this area and considered it a vital necessity to save the Palestinians who have been under bombardment and brutal aggression for more than a month. occupying regime.

No place in Gaza is safe

During a press conference at the organization’s headquarters in Paris, Claire Magon, the director of Médecins Sans Frontières, announced that the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is catastrophic in the shadow of the full-scale war that has been waged against the region, and that this war has entered its second month. has been

He added that the people of Gaza are still massacred and the aid workers cannot help them. Against this catastrophic situation, establishing a ceasefire is a vital and urgent necessity.

The director of Médecins Sans Frontières condemned the procrastination of the US and the occupying regime to establish a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

Doctors Without Borders has managed to remove 22 of its non-Palestinian members from the Gaza Strip in recent days, but there are about 300 Palestinian members of the organization in Gaza. “Médecins Sans Frontières” communications officer Louis Boudvan Larman, who left Gaza a few days ago, reported that the situation in Gaza was unbearable from the beginning and that there is no safe place in this area. A big and comprehensive war has been launched against Gaza and we are witnessing a disaster there that will not end.

He emphasized that bombs are falling in all areas of Gaza and tens of thousands of displaced people have gathered in UN camps in very miserable conditions. In the Khan Yunis area in the south of the Gaza Strip, where there are about 45 thousand displaced people, there are only 8 toilets and water is connected only 2 hours every 12 hours.

3500 beds for more than 25 thousand wounded

“Michelle Olivier” in charge of emergency programs of Doctors Without Borders, in turn, pointed to Gaza’s dilapidated health system and announced that while the number of injured has reached more than 25,000, there are only 3,500 beds in hospitals. Before this, hospitals were used as shelters, but now this is no longer the case, and even hospitals are not safe from bombing.

He clarified that in the past month and in the shadow of the terrible situation and the continuous bombings against Gaza, only 500 trucks carrying humanitarian aid have entered this area, while earlier in normal times, this amount of aid was delivered daily to the people of Gaza who are under siege. was sent We want to address this extremely critical situation in Gaza so that it is possible to send aid continuously.

160 children die in Gaza every day

On the other hand, the World Health Organization, pointing out that children are the biggest victims of the occupation regime’s aggression in Gaza, reported that 160 children die in the Gaza Strip every day.

Christian Landmeier, the spokesperson of the World Health Organization, in an interview with Al-Mayadeen, pointed out the severe lack of medical and emergency equipment in Gaza, and announced that the killing of children in Gaza continues in a terrible way and many bodies are under the rubble.

He added, currently there is very little fuel left and anesthetic drugs are not available in many hospitals. Also, there is very little emergency equipment to treat wounds caused by bombing and other serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and blood pressure. Dialysis patients who need devices that work with electricity are also facing serious problems due to the severe lack of fuel.

Failure of critical parts of hospitals and dangerous conditions for mothers and babies

Pointing to the failure of many vital parts of hospitals due to the lack of fuel and power outages, Landmeyer said that more than 180 births take place in Gaza every day, and these mothers and their babies need a safe space. Every day, 160 children die under the bombings, which is equivalent to 0.5% of the population of Gaza. Also, the decomposition of the bodies that are left under the rubble causes the spread of all kinds of pollution, especially the pollution of underground water, which endangers people’s lives.

Jens Lairki, the spokesperson of the UN Aid Coordination Office, also stated in this context that Israel continues to prevent the entry of fuel into Gaza and there is no positive news about the possibility of sending fuel to this area. If Israel’s aggression and siege against Gaza continues, the world will witness a great massacre in Gaza; Of course, not only because of the bombing, but also due to the lack of medicine, food and clean water.

Hospitals are unable to provide services to the injured and sick

“Ahmad Al Manzari”, the regional director of the World Health Organization for the Eastern Mediterranean, in his turn, pointed out that the health situation in Gaza is painful and catastrophic, and the hospitals that are still active in Gaza cannot provide health and medical services. C-section services are completely out of reach and the lives of mothers and babies are in serious danger.

He added that the continuous encroachment on hospitals and the continued closure of the Rafah crossing are among the most important challenges that prevent us from implementing our health programs. The number of UN staff who have died in Gaza during this period is more than the total number of UN victims in previous years, and we demand that medical personnel and hospitals be protected from attacks.

This official of the World Health Organization pointed out that the daily per capita share of drinking water in Gaza is much less than the natural needs of people, and emphasized the need to stop the aggression of the occupying regime in order for medical aid and food to enter Gaza and announced that the bodies remain on the ground and in the streets. Under the debris is a health time bomb and causes the spread of severe digestive and skin diseases, especially among children.

The World Health Organization announced the martyrdom of at least 192 members of the medical staff in the Gaza Strip due to the brutal aggression of the occupying regime and emphasized that after the bombing of a large number of hospitals, medical centers and ambulances, as well as due to the depletion of fuel reserves, the health sector Gaza is no longer able to provide services to the wounded.

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