A new record for Iranian cinema/ 280 thousand people went to the cinema in one day – rahnam

According to the cultural group of rahnam News Agency; Mohammad Reza Saberi, Secretary and Spokesman of Cinematographers Association, said about breaking the record of audience attendance in the country’s cinemas in one day: By maintaining the thematic variety in the films on the screen and the correct arrangement of the screening, more than 280 thousand people in one day (Tuesday, November 16, 1402) of the films on the screen. They saw the curtain.

He emphasized: This level of acceptance of films in one day is unprecedented, which promises more prosperous days for the country’s cinema.

This cinema director explained the reason for this positive event in the screening: With the proper interaction between the cinema organization, the trade union council and the cinematographers’ association and the principled supervision of the cinema screenings, we have been able to achieve diversity in the selection of films and their genres, which makes different tastes They can watch their desired works in the cinema.

According to him, it is necessary to respect the audience as well as those involved in cinema, that films in different genres have a good chance to be screened.

Saberi added: If this trend continues, by the end of the year, the target of one thousand billion sales for Iranian cinema will be achieved.

The secretary and spokesperson of Cinematographers Association pointed out that children’s and teenagers’ movies are also experiencing booming days in the cinema and stated: In addition to the principled management, the variety of genres of movies on the screen and the fullness of the screening basket for every taste from children’s and teenagers’ genres to comedies , social drama, sacred defense, etc. have had a great impact in achieving this great success.

This film director emphasized that if proper attention is paid to different genres, the audience will also welcome them and this will lead to the prosperity of diverse production.

In the end, Saberi pointed to the recent resolution of the parliament to return the water and electricity tariff of cinemas to the cultural status and appreciated the follow-up of the Minister of Culture and the head of the cinema organization to realize it.

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