22 thousand billion tomans income of the road organization in 1401 / 272% increase in road losses – rahnam

According to the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, according to the audit organization’s report, in the year ending March 29, 1401, the ownership documents of 202 buildings and 10 plots of land were not provided to the Road Transport and Road Organization, and the necessary information regarding the boundaries and area of ​​the fields and nobles, license plate The registration of the above lands and buildings has not been fully provided.

The transfer of the ownership documents of the field and the transfer of transitional buildings from the road and urban planning departments of the provinces to the road organization has not been finalized as of the date of this report, and the building where the General Directorate of Roads and Road Transport of Tehran province is located is still owned by the road ministries.

In addition, a number of buildings of the road organization, including the office building of Tehran province, the building of Sanai Street in Tehran, the traffic law building belonging to the General Administration of Qazvin Roads and the Bahar building were owned by the Ministry of Roads and other legal entities without taking any rent, which included 6 Suzuki cars and 50 The grader belongs to the road organization under the authority of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development and the general departments of road and urban development of the provinces.

In another part of the audit organization’s report, it is stated; In the implementation of Article 33 of the Executive Instructions of the Anti-Money Laundering Law, compliance with the provisions of the Anti-Money Laundering Law and related regulations and executive instructions was evaluated by this organization within the framework of the checklists notified by the relevant authority and audit standards.

In this regard, with the exception of not predicting a suitable place to insert one of the valid identification numbers in all the forms and letterheads used, not assessing and classifying the risk of business interaction with clients, not designing software and a comprehensive system for information and monitoring and fraud detection and risk assessment. Establishing working interaction with clients and implementing risk identification processes at three levels: simple, normal and double, and identifying clients based on the risk approach and updating the information obtained from them, the road organization to important cases indicating non-compliance with the aforementioned laws and regulations. , has not met.

In the profit and loss statement section of the audit organization’s report, the operating income of the road organization in 1401 amounted to 22 thousand billion tomans, which has increased by 142% compared to the year 1400 with about 9100 billion tomans.

The gross loss of the road organization last year before government aid was 723 billion tomans. After deducting the government aid, the operating loss of the road organization was about 1200 billion tomans, which has increased by 272% compared to 1400.

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