The triple gift of Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah’s words for resistance in the Al-Aqsa-rahnam storm battle

According to the report of the international group of rahnam News Agency, the recent words of Seyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of Hezbollah in Lebanon, as always, have confused the military-security and political circles of the Zionist regime, and the media of this regime have taken action since announcing the time of the live speech of the Secretary General of Hezbollah on Friday. They made pessimistic and optimistic speculations. As far as these speculations about whether Hizbollah will declare an official entry into the war or not? It continued, which prompted the regime’s analysts to react.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s speech, as usual, with strategic ambiguity, did not provide what the Zionists expected to hear openly, and the most important part of it was dedicated to the unity of the resistance axis. Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah stated 3 important issues regarding the axis of resistance. The central focus of all of them was the unity of the fronts of the axis of resistance.

Explaining the mistakes of the Zionist regime

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah described the Zionist regime as irrational and lacking in rationality. The stupidity that caused them not to learn from the lessons of the past by not setting achievable goals and repeat their past mistakes again. The most important mistake that the Secretary General of Hezbollah of Lebanon pointed out was the goal that the Zionists have defined for themselves in their recent attacks on the Gaza Strip. A goal titled “destroy Hamas”. Referring to the 33-day war in 2006, he said that in that war, the Zionists defined the release of their captives as their first goal and their final goal was to destroy Hezbollah, but they could not even release 2 of their captives, let alone able to destroy Hezbollah. Now in 2023, they have made this mistake again.

In fact, Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, with this part of his speech, by describing the enemy’s defined goals as impossible, removed the enemy’s goal from the mental equations of public opinion, with a logic consistent with an experience that every mind accepts. This action of the Secretary General of Hezbollah in Lebanon took the Zionists one step back in the psychological war and removed their goal from public equations and calculations.

stating the goals of resistance; The opposite of the goals of the Zionist regime

The second part that the Secretary General of Hezbollah of Lebanon dedicated to the resistance was to provide a definition of the resistance’s goals. In the first part, he eliminated the goals of the enemy, but defined and explained the goals of the resistance. Ending the war and killings in the Gaza Strip and the victory of the resistance, especially Hamas, were the two goals that Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah presented to the resistance in the “Aqsa Storm” battle.

These two goals are exactly the opposite of the goals of the Zionist regime defined by the Zionist regime. The occupying enemy seeks to destroy Gaza and then eliminate a part of the resistance in Palestine, and now the goal of the resistance is to counter exactly this action of the Zionist regime.

Ending the war in Gaza is an issue that the Zionists do not want at all. Despite the democratic and humanitarian gesture, the Americans are also against a complete ceasefire. Therefore, the primary goal set by the Secretary General of Hezbollah is to destroy the current desire of the enemy to make them fail. The second goal is to deal with the ultimate desire of the enemy. A desire that has been pushed aside in the first part, and now by setting the opposite point as the goal of the axis of resistance, it is mobilizing all the resistance towards it. And this demand is nothing but the final victory of resistance and Hamas.

The important point in this section is that Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah in this section gives substance to the “Hamas” movement as a member and determines its preservation and victory as the goal of the resistance, because the enemy has determined the elimination of Hamas as a goal. And now it is important to maintain this movement.

By targeting one of the members of the resistance, the enemy has tried to separate and separate the members of the resistance axis from each other, therefore, the preservation of this member is determined as the goal so that the enemy cannot achieve the goal that will ultimately end in the elimination of the resistance axis.

Formalizing the unity of the fronts by announcing the attacks of Iraqi and Yemeni resistance

The most important part of the speech of the Secretary General of Hezbollah in Lebanon in dealing with the axis of resistance is that Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, by appreciating and thanking the presence of the resistance of Iraq and Yemen, formalized their presence in the battle against the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip.

The fact that a part of the resistance axis comes to the aid of other members of the axis shows the same strategy of “uniting the fronts” in the resistance axis. Now Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah formalized this strategy by formalizing the presence of the Islamic resistance of Iraq and Yemen in the battle against the Zionist regime. The work that the western media tried to ignore with silence, and they always described it as undone by saying that war might develop in the region. In his speech, he announced that Hezbollah has entered the battle and supported the axis of resistance since the second day of the war.

In general, it seems that the expression of the issue that now Hezbollah, the Islamic resistance of Iraq and Ansarullah of Yemen have entered the Gaza front, was an issue that was ignored by the western media in order not to give it official status, but Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah with The official announcement in his speech made it official.

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