The disintegration of the big “bank card skimmer” gang in the gas stations of the capital – rahnam

Colonel Daud Moazzami Gudarzi; In an interview with the social reporter of rahnam news agency, the head of FATA police in the capital city stated: A large number of citizens approached the FATA police in Greater Tehran and announced that sums of money were illegally withdrawn from their accounts.

This police official said: FATA police experts started their cyber investigation after studying Shakat’s statements, and with technical and specialized measures, they realized that all the victims of this case were robbed after refueling at a gas station in the north of Tehran.

Referring to the identification and arrest of all members of this gang, he added: FATA police cyber officers, using technical experience and police measures, succeeded in identifying all the members of this 5-member gang, which consisted of three men and two women, and after judicial formalities All these people were arrested in two simultaneous operations while they were having fun in their villas in the north of the country.

Colonel Moazzami Gudarzi, pointing out that two of the arrested accused were wanted for the crime of intentional murder, said: the members of this gang are people with a history in the field of murder, internet theft and skimmer fraud, who have been constantly engaged in criminal activities and in In line with their financial interests, they used to commit any crime, which was arrested and sent to prison by the tireless and round-the-clock efforts of my colleagues in Fata Police of Greater Tehran.

Pointing out that more than 80% of the victims in this case were women, this official pointed out: According to the documents obtained, the bank cards of more than 300,000 citizens were copied during the criminal activity of this network at gas stations, which number The number of cases in Tehran has reached more than 200 people and it is still increasing, considering that these people were working under the guise of the gas station attendant, and generally women do not get out of the car to fill up with gas and leave the refueling operation to the attendant. Most of the victims in this case were women.

Emphasizing that the citizens, especially the women, should perform the payment operations themselves, this cyber official noted: if the honorable ladies do not want to get off and refuel, they must carry out banking operations and enter the bank account card password personally to prevent theft in the form of skimming. because even if a skimmer is installed on the card reader, without knowing the password, it will not be possible to withdraw from their account.

The Chief of FATA Police of Greater Tehran, stating that it is better for citizens to change their bank card passwords periodically, advised: if you know of any criminal activity in cyberspace, report it through the Cyber ​​Emergency Center at 096380 or the FATA Police website at Address to report.

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