Synchronization of fuel delivery of vessels to coastal stations and fishing piers in Bushehr province – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Bushehr, Ali Bastin, on Monday evening, at the meeting to review the status of the distribution of fuel supply to fishing vessels in the province, stating that one of the important capacities of Bushehr province is fishing in the Persian Gulf, he stated: in this regard, more than 2,000 250 fishing vessels operate and households on the coast make a living by catching fish.

Pointing out that the livelihood of more than 10,000 households in Bushehr province is secured through fishing, he said: Supplying and distributing fuel for fishing boats, including gasoline and diesel, is one of the most important concerns of fishermen, and the demands of this group are on the agenda.

The deputy economic affairs coordinator of Bushehr governor explained how fuel is delivered by the oil products distribution company to the coastal stations and fishing piers and stated: At the present time, the transportation of fuel from the tanks of the distribution company to the coastal stations is the responsibility of the stationer, who is responsible for the cost of fuel delivery to the vessels. Increasing.

Stating that the price of fuel for fishing vessels is higher than the common price, Bastin added: In order to support the working class of fishermen and clarify the process of delivering fuel to fishing vessels, during the second visit of the president, a proposal was made to equalize the supply of fuel to fishermen’s stations, and it was approved and approved. The relevant authorities were placed.

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