Saying goodbye to a historical dream or an end close to the secretary; Will Kamran Qasimpour replace Hasan Yazdani? – rahnam

According to the sports reporter of rahnam news agency, at the end of the World Championship in Belgrade, when Hassan Yazdani lost to David Taylor for the fifth time, Alireza Debir supported him and pointed to his injured shoulder and said that he was jealous of this situation to reach the finals. The world has arrived.

Nevertheless, Yazdani was the representative of the 86 kg national freestyle team in the Asian Games in Hangzhou because his distance from other domestic competitors was so great that, firstly, it is not easy to identify the second runner-up in this weight, and secondly, the chances of the next people getting their gold medals in Hangzhou seem very low. you will arrive.

Yazdani, after winning the world silver medal and the gold medal of the Asian Games, two days after announcing his marriage, he had surgery on his shoulder, and these two events on the eve of the Olympics depict a difficult path for him to return again and powerfully.

After this, many people said that Yazdani will not be able to make it to the Olympics and the wrestling federation mentioned 4-5 months as his recovery period.

Yesterday, Alireza Debir poured clean water on everyone’s hands at the ceremony honoring the medal winners of the Asian Games, by saying that “unfortunately, shoulder surgeries in Iran have never been good and have not led to recovery and assured return”, and further emphasized that “It is hoped that Hasan Yazdani’s shoulder will be the first shoulder that recovers completely after surgery.”

Someone brought up these talks that he himself stated many times that the range of motion of his scapula became very small after the surgery and this led to him saying goodbye to the world of championships at the age of 25. With 5 medals and at the age of 25, Dabir had to give up wrestling due to an unhealed shoulder injury, but Hasan Yazdani has won 9 medals and is about to turn 30.

In this regard, many questions are still raised whether Hasan Yazdani participated in the Asian Games knowing his condition and basically knew that his participation in the Olympics was uncertain, or whether he realized the severity of his shoulder injury after participating in two consecutive competitions at a short distance, which should have been done before An important competition like the Olympics should be surgical.

The hope of freestyle wrestling for the historical regret of not having two Olympic gold medals is now seen to be further away from Olympic gold than ever, on the other hand, the silence of Kamran Qasimpour despite the emphasis of the federation and Pejman Dostrakkar that he will not return to 86 kg is an interesting point.

Will all these events pave the way for the return of Kamran Ghasempour, the 92 kg world champion and former 86 kg contender, to the weight that Hassan Yazdani has owned in these years?

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