Islamic resistance drone attack on the American base of Tal Bidr in northeastern Syria; Overtaking the resistance from Türkiye!/Exclusive report – rahnam

According to the Arabic site of rahnam News Agency, these days the “Islamic Resistance of Iraq” has gone beyond the borders of Iraq and is targeting various American bases in the region. More precisely, the radius of operations of the Islamic resistance of Iraq covers from the “Port of Eilat” in the southernmost point of the occupied Palestine to the “Tal Bidr base” in the extreme northeast of Syria.


These attacks are the fulfillment of the promises of the Iraqi Islamic resistance and resistance groups against the presence of the American invaders in Iraq and Syria. Iraqi Islamic resistance forces, after bombing the strategic base of “Tal Bidr” with their suicide drones, announced the entry into a new phase of the fight against the American invaders. While emphasizing that the American presence in Iraq and Syria is an example of occupation and they are fighting against it, they announced that they are attacking American bases “in view of the escalation of the Zionist regime’s crimes in Gaza” and “the role of the United States in the invasion of Gaza by the occupiers.”

The use of advanced types of suicide drones means that this stage will be very difficult for American forces – both in Syria and in Iraq – and will cause significant losses to the American military. It is noteworthy that the geographical distance of Tel Bider base from the areas under the influence of the resistance in Syria and Iraq, and this point shows that if the drones of the resistance reach Tel Bider, then none of the American military bases will have security throughout the territory of Syria and Iraq. They will not be immune from the resistance’s suicide drones. It should be noted that after “Al-Tanf” and “Kharab Al-Jir” bases, “Tal Bidr” is one of the most important US military bases in Syria. In the last 72 hours, the two bases of al-Tanf and Kharab al-Jir have been the target of resistance attacks more than once.

In this regard, Reza Al-Basha, a famous Syrian field reporter, says: “The American forces are very sensitive to the Tal Badr base. We remember that about a month ago – although Turkey is considered one of America’s allies – when Turkish reconnaissance planes were flying in the sky near this base, the American anti-aircraft defense system (based in this base) shot down these planes. . Tal Bidr is a very well-equipped base. This base is equipped with anti-aircraft, helicopter pads, and armored fighters. Therefore, this base, like the “Ain al-Asad” base in Iraq, is considered a strategic goal.

The scale and scope of operations against US military bases in Syria and Iraq has reached an unprecedented level. The “Islamic Resistance of Iraq” and the “People’s Resistance of Syria” have formed a single front and are targeting American and Israeli bases with synergy. They have announced that the confrontation with the enemy has entered a new stage; That too in the region that is on the verge of volcanic eruption. Now this question is raised that “if Israel continues to invade the Gaza Strip, will the West Asian region expect an all-out war beyond the borders of the occupied territories?”

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