Interior Minister: We have a serious plan to curb inflation / We did not get past the water tension easily – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Qazvin, Ahmed Vahidi said at the meeting of the administrative council of Buin Zahra city at noon today, saying that capacities should be identified in every region and activated in order to achieve prosperity and create wealth in the country. If not used properly, it will lead to people’s disappointment.

The Minister of Interior announced a serious plan to curb inflation and reduce people’s expenses, and referring to the problem of water shortage in Buin Zahra, he added: “Water stress is not an issue that can be easily overcome, it is necessary to plan to solve this problem.” It is also necessary to pay special attention to the issue of optimal water consumption in the agricultural sector.

He stated that subsurface cultivation, which reduces water consumption by a third, should be taken into consideration, and clarified: Part of the problem of water stress can be solved by management of consumption and part by water supply.

Also referring to waste management, the Minister of Interior said: In this field, separation from the source, mechanization and environmental compliance should be put on the agenda. Regarding the requirements of the municipalities, part of the resources should be compensated by their own participation.

Adib Ramandi, governor of Buin Zahra, also presented a report on the capacities and problems of this city and the most important actions of the 13th government in this city.

Abbaspour, the representative of the people of Bouin Zahra and Auj in the Islamic Council, selected prefects, mayors and officials of this city expressed their most important demands and concerns.

The Minister of Interior arrived in Qazvin on Tuesday for a business trip. The opening and visit of the Eastern Qazvin Belt Project, the opening of two industrial and production units, Apadana Sera and Liya Glass, as well as the opening of an indoor swimming pool in the low-income neighborhood of the railway, and participation in the administrative council of the province are among the plans of the minister of interior in this provincial trip.

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