How does the Palestinian resistance trap work for the Israeli army in Gaza?/Exclusive report – rahnam

According to the Arabic site of the rahnam news agency, after more than a month of continuous bombing of the Gaza Strip by the Zionist regime’s fighters, this regime has announced the beginning of the second phase of its operation with the aim of advancing on the ground and capturing the Gaza Strip and destroying Hamas. which has been doubted by many experts after observing the unparalleled performance of the Palestinian resistance fighters in causing heavy damage to the Zionist war machine.

Since the beginning of the second phase of the Israeli army’s operation in Gaza, many armored vehicles of this regime have been targeted by all kinds of rockets and unique weapons of the Palestinian resistance, such as Yassin rockets, which have led to the death of dozens of Israeli soldiers. .

In addition, the youth of the Palestinian resistance, by using the most innovative tactics of asymmetric warfare, have succeeded in slowing down and in some cases stopping the advance of the armored vehicles of the occupiers in different neighborhoods and areas of Gaza.

Tariq al-Salami, the spokesman of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, in a conversation with a rahnam reporter in the Gaza Strip, explaining the objectives of the Zionists’ ground campaign towards Gaza, said: “The aggression of the Zionist enemy towards the front in Gaza with the aim of weakening the Palestinian resistance groups continues. , but the Palestinian people, as the main element of Palestinian resistance, emphasize on the method and option of resistance.

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Explaining the details of the actions of the Palestinian resistance groups against the Zionist enemy, Al-Salami added: “Tough battles are going on between the resistance forces and the occupying forces in three main axes.” Undoubtedly, the Palestinian nation is struggling with a huge military arsenal today, which is the second-ranking technology and the fourth-ranked military power in the world, but the Zionist soldiers were destroyed in the so-called strongest military armor in the world, against the will of the people of Gaza. Now the people of Gaza have become a cause of concern for the Zionist army and its military machinery.

More than a month after the Al-Aqsa storm operation, the Zionist army continues to kill children and completely destroy residential areas on the heads of the residents in order to cover up its failure in its pre-planned target bank. However, the Palestinian resistance forces emphasize that they are superior to this defeated army in terms of honesty and respect for moral values.

While the military vehicles of the Zionist regime sink into the mud of Gaza in the face of resistance attacks and the Israeli fighters carry out a series of airstrikes, it has become clear to everyone that Netanyahu’s cabinet is trying , to create a symbolic form of victory in Gaza, and present it to the Israeli society, which many consider as an impossible and unattainable dream and the end of Bibi’s political life.

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