Hamas: The occupiers cannot cover up their failures by lying/ Israel’s casualties are much more than what it declares – rahnam

According to the report of the international group of rahnam news agency, “Osame Hamdan”, one of the senior leaders of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), announced during a speech about the latest developments related to the war with the occupiers, that the enemy suffered a heavy defeat on October 7 and is still being defeated in the field and with Lying cannot cover these failures.

The casualties of the occupiers are much more than what they declare

During a press conference held in Beirut, Hamdan said that the enemy’s casualties in this war are much more than what he declares. Ezzedine al-Qassam battalions (the military branch of Hamas) are fighting on all fronts and have caused significant damage to the ranks of the enemy. Gaza will always be the graveyard of tyrants and aggressors, and we drew the map of victory on October 7.

He said about the conspiracy of America and the occupying regime to establish a temporary government in Gaza and the claims they made in this regard, the Hamas movement will remain strong and no party is able to separate this movement from its land and nation. The Palestinian nation will never accept a mercenary and puppet government of Americans and Zionists.

Zionists lie about hospitals to justify their brutality

This Hamas leader stated about the occupation’s deception and lies to justify their crimes in bombing hospitals, the army of the occupying regime published pictures of the Indonesian hospital 10 years ago and the entrance of the alleged tunnel that the Zionists show near the Indonesian hospital is actually the entrance of the hospital’s fuel supply. Is. The lies that the enemy spreads are aimed at justifying its crimes against hospitals and health centers.

The Indonesian Medical Emergency and Relief Committee, which supervised the construction of this hospital in the Gaza Strip, also denied the occupation regime’s claims that there is a tunnel under the Indonesian hospital or any connection between the Palestinian resistance groups and this hospital.

Osama Hamdan further emphasized that the occupiers have started carrying out their threats to attack medical facilities and commit crimes in them and are trying to destroy the health and medical sector of the Gaza Strip with the aim of displacing the Palestinian people from their land. The occupiers use fake images to promote their lies and no sane person would believe that a hospital would be used as a missile launch pad.

He asked the United Nations to send a team to visit Gaza hospitals as soon as possible so that the lies of the occupying regime are exposed.

Hamdan clarified that the hospitals in Gaza were established under the supervision of donors and many international institutions, and their doors are open 24/7 to visitors, journalists and international institutions. Does any sane person believe that the resistance that paralyzed the occupying regime and challenged all its military, security and intelligence capabilities in the Al-Aqsa storm operation, will build a tunnel a few meters from the entrance of the hospital and in front of everyone’s eyes?

He continued, the occupiers have bombed more than 100 hospitals and medical centers in the Gaza Strip, and a large number of these hospitals and medical centers have also been out of service. Does the resistance use all these hospitals and medical centers in front of the eyes of journalists and tens of thousands of displaced people as a launch pad for rockets? Everyone saw the heinous crime committed by the Zionists in al-Mu’amdani hospital and saw how the enemy tried to escape from the burden of responsibility and then became disgraced.

The occupiers openly admitted to having nuclear weapons

This senior leader of Hamas emphasized that no displaced person in the Gaza Strip is safe from the bombings and said that the threats of the Zionist minister “Amikhai Eliyahu” for a nuclear attack on the Gaza Strip are a clear and official admission of the enemy to have nuclear weapons. The Zionist regime, with the support of the United States, has so far dropped about 35,000 tons of explosives on the people of Gaza and wants to cover up its failures and casualties by killing Gazan women and children.

Osama Hamdan clarified that what Amikhai Eliyahu said is exactly what Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the occupying regime, and his cabinet and army are thinking. The occupiers have dropped rockets and bombs on Gaza that are much more destructive than the nuclear bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima in World War II. The Nazi Zionists have gone insane after the great defeat they suffered on October 7, and we here hold the American government, especially President Joe Biden, responsible for this mass killing against the Palestinian people.

In the end, he emphasized that the American government is complicit in all the crimes of the occupiers and prevents the humanitarian ceasefire and the cessation of aggression against Gaza. This means that Biden wants to prolong the aggression against Gaza and the mass killing of the Palestinian people until they surrender, but he is delusional.

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