Every 10 minutes, a child in Gaza is a victim of Zionist crimes/ the occupiers use 30,000 tons of explosives to bombard Gaza – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) in a statement, referring to the catastrophic human conditions in the Gaza Strip, announced that on average, a child dies in Gaza every 10 minutes. 2 children are also injured.

This organization warned about the dire situation of children in the Gaza Strip and announced that supporting civilians in times of conflict is not a dream or an ideal; Rather, it is a duty and commitment to humanity, and civilians must be protected wherever they are.

Displacement of 1.5 million people in Gaza

Anan Abu Hosna, UNRWA’s spokesperson in the Gaza Strip, announced yesterday that 50 schools belonging to the agency were bombed and more than 80 UNRWA employees lost their lives and at least 24 were injured.

UNRWA also announced in another statement that nearly 1.5 million people have been displaced in Gaza since October 7, and nearly half of these displaced people have taken shelter in 149 facilities.

According to this statement, communication interruption is one of the serious problems in the Gaza Strip, which aggravates other humanitarian crises in this region. UNRWA employees continue to die under the bombings, and most of the agency’s employees, like the people of Gaza, have lost their families, relatives and friends.

The agency added that 48 of UNRWA’s facilities in the center of Gaza have been seriously damaged by bombings, and due to the continuous disconnection of communications in this area, our staff and teams are unable to coordinate with each other. In general, Gaza is completely isolated and its connection with the outside world and even within this region is cut off, and many people do not know about their loved ones.

The invaders have used more than 30 thousand tons of explosives in Gaza

On the other hand, “Salama Ma’rouf”, the head of the state media office in the Gaza Strip, emphasizing the need to create a safe corridor to speed up the delivery of aid to the people of Gaza and the transfer of the wounded outside this region, announced that the heinous crimes of the Nazi Zionists against the Palestinian people after one month In fact, it is a death certificate for the so-called international legitimacy, which is silent in front of this amount of barbaric aggression of the occupying regime and is not able to stop these barbarities even for a day.

The famous Salame called the United Nations and the World Health Organization responsible for protecting Gaza hospitals in the shadow of the continued attacks of the occupiers on these hospitals and the running out of fuel and the beginning of the countdown for the secondary generators to stop working after the main generators stopped working and emphasized that the occupiers On October 7, 222 schools were destroyed, 60 schools were completely out of service, and 88 government centers were also destroyed.

He stated that since October 7, the fighters, tanks, and war boats of the occupying regime have used more than 30,000 tons of explosives to bombard Gaza, and on average, 82 tons of these substances have been used per square kilometer of Gaza.

According to the statement of the state media office in the Gaza Strip, 222,000 residential units in this area have been seriously damaged by the enemy’s aggression, 10,000 buildings have been completely destroyed, and 40,000 residential units have been completely destroyed. In addition, 192 mosques have been seriously damaged, and among them 56 mosques and 3 churches have been completely destroyed.

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