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According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, the participants in this meeting discussed the wide-ranging challenges of the region, including the killing of the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank by the Zionist regime, which has been going on for more than 30 days, and its impact on Iraq’s politics, society, economy and security. Check out.

The heads of the Iraqi government administration coalition praised the courageous and clear positions of Iraq from the supreme authority and all strata of people, political forces and various activities, especially the distinct efforts of the Iraqi government.

The Iraqi government administration coalition emphasized the importance of continuing and maintaining Iraq’s support for the Palestinian nation, especially in the fields of medicine, food, and fuel at the highest levels without making decisions whose consequences have not been calculated.

The coalition of the administration of the government in Iraq once again emphasized the unity of the national line in facing the challenges of Iraq and asked all popular forces and activities to unite in facing these challenges in the region.

The coalition of governance in Iraq pointed out that the security and stability of Iraq is due to the awareness and cohesion of Iraqis throughout the country.

In the statement of this meeting, it is stated that Iraq is now witnessing a promising development, which obliges everyone to stand by the government and support for the realization of promising plans in construction and reconstruction, and with the security forces to track terrorists and monitor their movements. they stand

What happened in the Sudanese meeting and the coordination framework?

In a meeting with the leaders of the coordination framework after returning from Tehran, the Iraqi Prime Minister informed them about the details of his talks with the US foreign minister and his talks in Tehran.

Middle East News reported that Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Shia al-Sudani, in the late hours of Monday, on his return from Tehran, had a closed-door meeting with the leaders of the coordination framework of Shiite political forces and a number of Iraqi groups, including Qais al-Khazali, Secretary General Asaib Ahl al-Haq, and Abu Ala Al-Walai, Secretary General of Seyed al-Shohada Brigades, and Hadi Al-Amiri, the head of the Fatah Coalition, held a meeting, the main focus of which was to review the warnings of the US Secretary of State to Baghdad during his visit on Sunday.

This meeting was held hours after Al-Sudani returned from Tehran. The coordination framework of Shia political forces or the Iraqi Prime Minister’s office have not issued any statement about this meeting.

In this context, al-Arabi al-Jadeed quoted one of the heads of the coordination framework and claimed that as soon as Sudani returned to Baghdad, he held a meeting with the heads of the coordination framework in the house of Haider al-Abadi, the former prime minister and head of the Al-Nasr coalition, in the Al-Khadra region.

According to this source, who asked not to be named, in this meeting, Al-Sudani presented a report about his talks with “Anthony Blinken” the US Secretary of State and the warnings he gave to Baghdad.

Informed sources have emphasized that Blinken emphasized in his meeting with Sudani that the attack by Hamas in the Al-Aqsa storm operation on October 7 was the biggest shock for America and Israel and that Israel has never been so weak and that the Israeli military and security apparatus is in a similar state to this operation. Collapsed.

He reminded al-Sudani that the coalition forces are in this country at the invitation of the Iraqi government and that the United States has exercised restraint against the attacks of Iraqi armed groups and responded to these attacks only once in Syria.

According to informed sources, Blinken threatened that if the attacks on American forces continue, the United States will close its embassy in Iraq and withdraw its employees, and if the United States does this, all European countries will follow the same path and this situation It will cost Iraq a lot.

These sources have added that Blinken told the Iraqi Prime Minister that he has information that shows that Iraqi armed groups (resistance) are looking to attack American bases in the countries of the Cooperation Council (Persian Gulf) and such an action will cut off the communication between the countries of the Cooperation Council and Iraq. will be.

Al-Arabi Al-Jadid, quoting his source in the coordination framework, claimed that Sudani reminded the heads of the coordination framework that America is serious in its threats.

This source added that al-Sudani raised this issue during his trip to Tehran and demanded it so that the stability of the situation in Iraq is maintained and not jeopardized.

According to this source, Al-Sudani has promised America to stop these attacks in the upcoming phase, otherwise the American reaction will not be only military and “American threats are very dangerous”.
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