Construction of the largest urban tunnel in Tehran with a length of 9.8 km / increasing Tehran metro lines from 259 km to 283 km – rahnam

According to the social group of rahnam news agency, Alireza Zakani; In connection with the report of the achievements of the capital’s urban management team’s trip to China, the mayor of Tehran stated that the underground metro lines are increasing, and stated: During the trip to China, an executive contract was signed for 791 wagons, so that 8 trains including 56 wagons It is ready to enter the country and 10 RAMs will also enter the country in parts and 55% internalization will take place and with a 25% increase in the amount of the contract, 791 wagons will enter the metro fleet and the first train will arrive in the next 12 months.

Stating that “we are facing a shortage of trains”, he clarified: the distance between trains is high and people are under pressure; The convenience is such that two million people travel by subway every day. We hope it will increase to three million people per day by providing wagons. The events that happened will make the lines to be developed and the extensions of line 4, 6 and 7 will be completed in the next two years.

Zakani added: We also have lines 8, 9, 10 and 11 in order. Until the end of the year, the executive operation of line 10 will continue on three fronts. Line 9 will also start in the second half of this year. We have signed contracts with Chinese and domestic companies for line 11. Their construction operations will begin this year. We have reached an understanding with the Chinese side for the eighth line and we are going to follow it next year. According to the existing plan, Tehran Metro should be completed by 1420, which will be completed in 1410 according to our plan.

In 26 months of responsibility, we increased the 259 km of Tehran subway to 283 km; One kilometer per month

The mayor of Tehran stated that the financial support of this contract had not been done in the previous seven years and the Chinese side was disappointed by it, which fortunately became active today, and stated: Our total wagons are about 1,100 units in the seven metro lines of Tehran. Along with this contract, 259 other wagons as well as 113 domestic wagons under the title of national train are being followed up with the participation of Jihad Davanghi, MAPNA, Tehran Municipality and the private sector. The total of these new wagons will make Tehran have 1,163 new wagons (in addition to the previous 1,100 wagons), which is almost twice as many as in the last 25 years.

Zakani announced that the Tehran subway of the 70s has been inaugurated and noted: We have been working in the municipality for 26 months and four days and we have handed over 259 kilometers of lines, and today it has reached 283 kilometers, which means that one kilometer of lines has been added every month. Is. Parand will be put into operation with 21 km by the beginning of next month and will reach more than 300 km. We will break the monthly record of one kilometer of creating lines.

The formation of a joint working group in order to develop sisterhood between Tehran and Beijing

Referring to other achievements of the city management team’s trip to China, he clarified: In China, we had achievements in eight topics, the first topic was in the field of public diplomacy. At the invitation of the mayor of Beijing, we attended the “One Belt, One Road” summit in China. During this trip, a joint working group was formed to develop the sisterhood of Tehran and Beijing.

The mayor of Tehran stated that the contract for 791 wagons worth one billion dollars was implemented in the financial field, and said: The delivery time went from 23 months to 12 months, and on the other hand, we signed a financial support contract. The Chinese will provide $1.4 billion to support our transportation with a one-to-three-year breathing space, which is unprecedented.

Zakani emphasized: We entered into an understanding for 1,000 electric single-cabin buses, 1,000 gas-burning double-cabin buses, 10,000 electric taxis, 10,000 electric vans, and 100,000 electric motorcycles. We announced in China that we are looking for a partnership. We are a partner with China in the Tehran Wagon Manufacturing Company and we wanted to have a partnership in this regard, and based on the needs of Tehran, for example, 500 units will be imported and the rest will be in the form of parts and will be domesticated in the coming years.

Referring to his visits the other day to two domestic manufacturers and paying attention to becoming a fan in this field, he said: The third achievement of our trip was a new invention; So that we entered into a deal with the Chinese along with an Iranian company and 35 thousand billion tomans are considered for the contract for the implementation of line 11. We had a unique achievement in the financial field. In some dimensions, such an event had not happened in the country.

Zakani stated that we had visits to 13 cities in the production of housing, technology, purchase of waste incinerators, culture and tourism and different sectors, and reminded: I visited 10 cities and other cities were also visited by other members. Good understandings were made in visiting taxi, bus, wagon and other manufacturing factories so that we can become the source of production.

The mayor of Tehran announced that one of the biggest problems of the country is the issue of “waste”, and noted that: in Tehran, five thousand and 400 tons of garbage are transported to the south of the city every day. In the south of the city, there is an incinerator that burns 200 tons of garbage, which is converted into electricity and other things, and 5,200 tons are buried, and this process has been going on for decades.

He said: Two companies were identified in the past, and we visited these companies during our trip and we came to the conclusion that they have the ability to install waste incinerators in the city. These devices convert waste into energy with minimal pollution and equal to half of European and Chinese standards, and on the other hand, they purify the produced leachate. The achievements of this device are 70 times that of Tehran’s garbage incinerator.

Zakani added: The Chinese delegation will travel to Tehran tomorrow and it is decided that China will invest and in return will receive electricity from Tehran. The electricity network is nationwide and we can reach an agreement with the Ministry of Energy to deliver electricity at the border. In the meantime, the case of pollution and environmental problems of Tehran will be closed.

The mayor of Tehran stated that the separation of waste from the source has been an unsuccessful experience in the world, and reminded: the separation from the source is done only for some items, which are items with high added value. The rest of the items are produced in waste incinerators for energy. All waste will be converted into energy and its waste will be converted into blocks and mosaics.

Stating that we held meetings with two companies for the industrialization of housing, he said: “The problem that exists in the country and in Tehran is that the life of housing is short and finally it is 30 years, and the construction time is also long, and the costs are unpredictable and increasing.” And in general, we witnessed the declining situation. In 1400, 5,600 permits were issued for an area of ​​11,000 square meters. In order to be able to modernize Tehran, we must go towards modernization. Of the 70 thousand hectares of Tehran, 11 thousand square meters are unstable. We put ideas and plans to a competition in Tehran and followed this path through Shahrak Mahalha and started it in the 19th district.

It is cruel that people spend 61% of their salary on housing rent

Zakani added: We reached an understanding with Chinese partners for the import of industrialization technology. Increasing the life of the building from 30 to 80 to 90 years and reducing the construction time to one and a half years will benefit the people; It is cruel that people spend 61% of their salaries on housing rent; Therefore, we went in the direction of producing housing with high strength.

Referring to the activities of the housing camp, the mayor of Tehran said: The urban reserve lands and capacities of Tehran, as well as the capacities of the worn-out fabric and vulnerable spaces that were neglected, were identified.

He added: developer groups were considered for each of these sectors; For example, revisions were made in the Ken neighborhood and a plan was approved in the Article 5 Commission, and we set a task for five thousand damaged and worn license plates. The people of this neighborhood can build with ease, which happened to De Vanak, Islamabad, Hesarak and other parts. These areas are worse than the village. 700 to 800 families in the neighborhood near Imam Sadiq University (a.s.) are trapped and we have a duty to provide them with comfort.

Stating that the housing camp paid attention to these areas, Zakani said: We actively used the capacities in the municipality and defined 34 thousand project units in our lands. So far, more than 10,000 units have been operated and the rest are still in progress. Some of these units are for municipal employees, some are for rent, and some are for metric housing. 570,000 units were also agreed upon with other institutions.

We are trying to increase the connection between devices for issuing licenses

The mayor of Tehran stated that two types of permits are issued, one is a preliminary permit and the other is a construction permit. He said: The preliminary or urban planning permit is issued in less than 20 days. The permit is a legal order and we tried to issue this permit from one week to 20 days, but in the construction permit we need to inquire about other devices and this process takes between 2 and 5 months and we try to reach the conditions in such a way that the connection between the devices for Increase the issuance of licenses.

Announcing that the infrastructure to connect to the national portal is being prepared, he reminded: “Three to four months ago, we software-programmed parts such as technical monitoring, and processes will be turned into a product for people to use by the Fava organization.” . In the next five months, the connection to the national port will be made.

Emphasizing that in the Housing Jihadi camp, all capacities and entire regions are mobilized, Zakani clarified: instead of being passive in the field of housing, we have been active and we are working in coordination with the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, the Governor’s Office and other departments.

Azad Rah Shahid Shushtri practically reduces the traffic load by 1.5%

The mayor of Tehran stated that the 16.5 km freeway of Shoshtri city is under construction, and reminded that Yadgar Imam and Borujerdi highway is also under construction. Shahid Shushtri Freeway goes from Imam Reza Road (AS) to Damavand Road and part of it is a tunnel and under the mountain, part of which is 9.2 km, will be opened this year and for the second part, we will meet with the head of the Environmental Organization to determine the result. This freeway is considered as the beltway of East Tehran and actually reduces the traffic load by 1.5%.

Announcing that we have signed a contract to build a 9.8 km long tunnel from Sepah Square to Azadegan highway, he said: This tunnel will be built in the next three and a half years. This tunnel has three public exits and one private exit. The tunnels will be on top of each other until Sush square and then they will be next to each other.

Emphasizing that these plans are valid, the mayor of Tehran reminded: We have three types of income in the municipality; A type of income is included in the criteria as stable and unstable and is spent with financial discipline and frugality. We buy from the stock exchange and set our exposure type to active exposure. The second part of income is productivity and the third part is participation.

Stating that the Yadgar Imam Highway in Region 9 is also connected to the Shahid Borujerdi Highway in Region 18, Zakani noted that, in connection with the Yadgar Imam Highway, an understanding has been reached with the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Education and other departments, and the first part of it will be completed this year. will be opened.

Emphasizing that these plans are valid, he reminded: We have three types of income in the municipality; A type of income is included in the criteria as stable and unstable and is spent with financial discipline and frugality. We buy from the stock exchange and set our exposure type to active exposure. The second part of income is productivity and the third part is participation.

The mayor of Tehran stated that Tehran has 98 intersections, which will be reduced from more than 780 kilometers to 53 kilometers, and said: daily consumption of one million liters of gasoline will be reduced with these reforms. 11 intersections have been delivered, 23 intersections are in operation and 18 intersections will be opened this year.

Operation of Parand metro until the end of November

Declaring that Parand Metro is a continuation of a metro line, Zakani clarified: Part of this line was built in the past and the rest of it was completed in this period and the station was also built. It had problems such as electrical connections, which are being fixed and will be operational by the end of November.

The mayor of Tehran emphasized that the total green area of ​​Tehran was 46,000 square meters, and stated that two thousand hectares of green area will be added this year, some of which are walnut, grape and almond trees. Inside the city, we also pay attention to gardens and internal green spaces to expand these spaces through the development of gardens and parks, and I promise that a transformation will take place in the city and we will see a new face.

Regarding the condition of the trees on Wali Asr Street (AJ), Zakani mentioned: the beds of the streams were made of stone and cement, which was wrong, and actually the trees were exposed to damage and suffered from pests and eventually dried up. We have imported a 10-year-old tree from Mashhad and it is being planted with the shape and image of the former trees of Vali Asr Street.

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