The start of the fourth phase of selling imported cars from tomorrow – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency, the integrated system of imported cars announced that those applicants of the integrated system of supply of imported cars who have registered in the first stage and their priority has been determined, can choose cars from tomorrow until 23:59 on Thursday 08/1402 18 take action.

Cars with a fixed price have an amortized price in the entry points as follows:

Note 1- The declared price on invoice is the price at the point of entry, and the costs and legal charges after clearance such as value added tax, numbering costs, scrapping of used cars, freight, etc. when issuing the final invoice are fixed prices. and approved will be added.

Note 2- The final price of the mentioned cars will be determined and announced based on the latest rules and regulations after providing all the positive documents and documents.

Note 3- According to the approval of the Competition Council, the criterion for the final price of the car will be the calculation figure of the consumer and producer support organization, which will subsequently be loaded into the system.

Note 4- The amount to be paid, if it has been declared on account, after the initial call, it will be 50% of the price on account, and after the payment of the said amount, the importing company will proceed to conclude a contract with the applicant, and regarding the items listed in the table Number one, as well as cases where the firm price of the car is announced until receiving the SMS, the company can receive the firm price in full.

Note 5- Failure to deposit the money up to 5 days after the invitation is made, it means the withdrawal of the plan and the applicant will be removed from the system’s prioritization.

Note 6- The maximum time for the delivery of the car for the concluded contracts is 3 months, so the importers must take action within three months after the conclusion of the contract to issue an invitation to complete the payment based on the final price announced by the competition council and deliver the car to the applicant at the same time.

Note 7- In case of delay in delivery, the aforementioned contracts will be subject to penalties for delay in delivery stipulated in the executive regulations of the Law on the Protection of Automobile Consumers and the instructions issued in this regard. The mentioned contracts are not subject to the terms of participation interest and withdrawal.

Note 8- Car allocation at this stage is done based on the previous registration rank of the applicant and the priority of car selection.

Note 9- Those registrants of imported cars who have selected a car in the previous stages and see the non-allocation option in their portal, should choose a new car in this stage compared to the cars presented in the above table.

Note 10- According to Article 19 of the Executive Regulations of Article 14 of the Anti-Money Laundering and Capital Gains Tax Plan, the information of all applicants related to this plan will be provided to the relevant institutions.

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