The indictment of Unique Finance pyramid network was issued – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Ahvaz, Ali Zalqi said about the case of the Hermi Unique Finance network: after receiving about 61 complaints that the defendants in the case took large sums of billions of tomans from citizens with the promise of receiving cryptocurrency, the matter was immediately referred to the branch. First, the investigation of the Suleiman Mosque was referred.

He continued: By conducting field investigations, the leaders of the said network, who were deceiving the victims in the form of a pyramid network, were identified and 6 of the mentioned persons were introduced to the prison.

Zalqi said: The case has been sent to the court with the indictment.

The prosecutor of Masjid Suleiman continued by pointing out that any pyramid activity with the intention of recruiting members is criminalized in the law and has a heavy punishment, and asked the general citizens not to trust the false promises of these people and if they see such cases, to report the matter to the prosecutor’s office immediately.

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