The departure time of the Sanandaj-Tehran train station has been announced – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency from Sanandaj, the Hamadan-Sanandaj railway was one of the oldest and most historic transportation projects in the country, its construction was proposed in the early 70s, approved in 1983, and its implementation began in 1984.

The Tehran-Hamadan-Sanandaj railway project with a length of 420 kilometers was given priority in the form of a line of credit from 1985. After that, the construction of sections 1 and 3 from the Sanandaj side and from the Hamadan side to Tehran started simultaneously.

Considering the fact that the Tehran-Hamadan rail route with a length of about 270 km was in priority for connecting from the center of the railway lines to Hamedan; Based on this, during the years 1990-1996, the construction of this railway line was prioritized, and credit resources were spent to complete the Tehran-Hamadan railway line.

The Tehran-Hamadan railway project was opened in 1996, but in the same year, the section from Hamadan to Sanandaj continued very slowly due to the lack of financial resources, despite the infrastructure activity, and it was still abandoned during the previous government. It was officially opened!

Moradania, the former governor of Kurdistan, who had a hand on fire in performing demagogic works and theatrical movements and opening half-finished projects in front of the camera, at the end of his government’s life, he wanted to finish the projects in his name at any cost, and in a hasty action, Saqez Airport and Hamadan Railway – He opened Sanandaj, but without flights or trains.

With the coming into power of the government and after the first visit of the president to the province last year and the allocation of leap credits, the completion of the Hamedan-Sanandaj railway was considered as one of the half-finished projects of the province, and last Thursday, after 18 years, it was finally completed in the presence of Ayatollah Raisi. It was put into operation and Kurdistan was connected to the country’s railway line.

Now, only three days after the official opening, pre-sale of Sanandaj-Tehran train and vice versa has started and citizens can use this capacity for transportation and convenience.

In this connection, the Deputy Governor of Kurdistan, referring to the connection of the Kurdistan province to the national railway, announced the advance sale of Sanandaj-Hamadan-Tehran train tickets and vice versa and said: Passengers can use the train from now on to travel safely to Tehran.

Saying that this train passes through this railway line twice a week, Kyomarth Habibi added: Kurdistanis can go to Tehran with this train at 10 pm on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Mentioning that Tehran’s Sanandaj train has a capacity of 300 passengers, he said: In this train, there are amenities such as audio-visual systems, distribution of food packages, and a restaurant.

The deputy of civil affairs of the Kurdistan Governorate informed about the existence of a separate parking lot for the passenger car park at the Sanandaj railway station and said: With the coordination of the highway department and the municipality, the transportation of passengers will also be done by public cars.

Habibi reminded: During the two days of Tuesday and Friday, the train will leave for Sanandaj from 10 in the morning and the departure time for Tehran will be at 10 in the evening.

According to rahnam; The Hamedan-Sanandaj railway project includes three sections and from Hamedan to Sanandaj there are seven stations: Bahar, Aq Balag, Doser, Qorveh, Avangan, Dehgolan and Sanandaj.

The length of the first section of this project is 64.5 km, the second section is 56 km, and the third section is 29.5 km. This single-track railway line has a track width of 6 meters and the length of the bridges is 2,524 meters.

The passenger transport capacity is 300,000 people and 500,000 tons of cargo per year, according to the plan, this figure will increase to 600,000 people and 1 million tons in the passenger sector in 1420.

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