Special report New details of Tasnim’s “Zionist killing” by the Israelis/ What happened in the attack on “Kibbutz Beri”? – Tasnim

According to Tasnim news agency, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, in his recent speech about the Battle of Al-Aqsa, pointed out a point that was hidden from the media. Nasrallah addressed the residents of the occupied territories and said that a number of Zionists were killed by the security and military forces of this regime. ,
This is despite the fact that in the past few days, many news about the killing of Israeli forces or residents of the occupied territories by the Israeli army were published, some of them were due to the lack of preparation and mistakes of the forces, and some of them were done purposefully to prevent the capture of the resistance forces.

The reporter of Tasnim has reached an interesting statistic by examining the statistics of conflicts and deaths in the first days of this conflict;

During the clashes, especially on October 7, i.e. at the beginning of the war, about 1100 people were killed, and according to research, between 80 and 100 of them were killed by the regime’s security forces, of which only 25 people were related to the conflict in Kibbutz “Beri”. Is.

According to this report, in the first minutes of the start of the war, many kibbutzim and Zionist settlements around Gaza were involved, the most important of which were the kibbutz Beiri, Kafr Gaza, Kisofim, and Nativ Hasra.

In this report, we specifically address the events that happened in Kibbutz “Beri”.

With about 1200 inhabitants, Kibbutz Beri is one of the most populated kibbutz around Gaza, which is the closest to Gaza.

Beiri is less than 4 kilometers from Gaza and is one of the first places that entered the conflict on October 7.

The geographical location of Kibbutz Beri in relation to the Gaza Strip

According to Hebrew sources, the storming of al-Aqsa began at 6:30 a.m., and according to a member associated with Kibbutz Beri’s security squad, the first clash occurred at exactly 6:59 a.m.

According to this report, the resistance forces traveled the distance from Gaza to this kibbutz without any obstacles on foot or by motorcycle and entered there from three axes.

Entry positions of resistance forces to Kibbutz Beri

The Palestinian forces in this conflict were about 170 people (150 people from Ezzeddin Qassam battalions and 20 people from Abu Ali Mustafa battalions), and their conflict continued until noon on October 9, two days later.

According to what was said by some members of the kibbutz guard squad, the initial warning about the attack of the Palestinian groups was not given by the army sources but by them, and this issue is the possibility of cyber attacks on the army’s listening systems and communication equipment before the start of the war. makes it more likely.

Racheli Bankot, the commander of the Beri kibbutz protection team, said about this: About 20 minutes after the attack started, a member of the farm called him and said he saw Palestinians on motorcycles around the kibbutz.

“I was sure he was joking,” he says, “there was no message from the army, and after 10 minutes I received hundreds of calls from kibbutz residents informing me that they were at their doorstep.”

During the initial conflict between the kibbutz guards and the resistance forces, some members of the protection unit, whose number was 11, were killed, and some military units present in the area, such as the 13th Golani battalion, and some police forces, who noticed the conflict and came to help, suffered casualties. They retreat.

Pictures of some of the dead from the protection unit of Kibbutz Beri

According to the executive order, the aid forces should have been sent to the area 10 minutes after the initial conflict, and due to the spread of the conflicts in other areas, the first aid unit from the “Sheldag” unit (14 people) arrived at 9:00 am, that is, about 2 hours after The entry of Hamas forces into the kibbutz, they arrive in the area and are stationed at the entrance of the kibbutz.

Sheldag is a special unit belonging to the Air Force, which is among the top units in the level of “Sairt Metkal” and “Shaitat 13”.

In addition to Sheldak unit, other auxiliary forces from Shaitat 13, (Marine Special Force), Yehlom (Combat Engineering Corps Special Unit), Loter Unit (Army Anti-Terrorism Special Unit), Yamam (Police Special Force), a unit from Aman (Army Intelligence) ) and a unit from Shabas (prisons service) are also sent to Kibbutz Beri, each of them have lost their lives in the conflict with the resistance forces.

According to Hebrew sources, 103 members of the resistance forces were martyred and 85 Zionists were killed by the resistance forces during the conflict in Kibbutz Beri, but the Israeli army’s relief forces moved the bodies of 110 people back in the evening of October 9.

Transferring some of the dead to Kibbutz Beri

The killing of 25 residents of Kibbutz Be’eri by Israeli military forces has two main reasons:

First, the disorientation and unpreparedness of the forces to deal with this threat that was imposed on them as a surprise, and the second is the targeted plan of the army to kill people who were in captivity by the resistance groups.

The resistance forces took more than 30 prisoners to Gaza with them in the battle of Kibbutz Beri alone, and the total number of prisoners held by Hamas has been announced to be 250 people. In the meantime, in order to prevent the increase in the number of prisoners, Israel’s security and military forces have killed some of them who were in more danger than others, and it is said that one of Israel’s main plans in the attack on Gaza is to release the prisoners. And otherwise killing them is to prevent future consequences.

In the video that Hamas recently released of some female prisoners, one of them strongly protested against Netanyahu because of the government’s decision (to kill prisoners).

In addition to these cases, according to the published images, some concrete buildings in Kibbutz Beri were also completely destroyed, which seems to have happened with the fire of heavy weapons of the Israeli forces, while the resistance forces were equipped with weapons in these attacks. They were individual and finally RPG, but the amount of damage to the structures in the kibbutz shows that these destructions are the result of weapons with a warhead of at least 70 kg.

In part of its report on the first day’s clashes in Kibbutz Beri, Israel’s Channel 12 said that the Israeli Air Force fighter jet hit the kindergarten of the Kibbutz, but did not publish anything about the number of casualties caused by this attack.

It is said that the attack on the kibbutz kindergarten was carried out at the request of Brigadier Barak Khairam, the commander of the forces operating in the region.

Kindergarten location located in the center of the Kibbutz

Kindergarten situation after the attack

The performance of the army forces under the command of Barak Khairam in the conflict areas on October 7 also drew a lot of criticism, as a member of Kibbutz Beri guard told Israel Channel 12, when we were heavily engaged with the attackers, auxiliary forces from the army in They were standing outside the waiting area and watching the scene. He emphasized that their behavior was very disappointing, especially when I saw that they came here with a small number of troops.

Barak Khairam, who previously served in various military positions, including the Egouz training unit and the command of the Golani brigade, is also considered one of the candidates for the command of the Gaza army in the south.

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