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According to the social reporter of rahnam news agency, Reza Muradsahraei said this morning at the Alborz award ceremony with the aim of honoring the best students of the country: Education of any country is the face of that country’s future. Future fathers and mothers are trained in today’s schools.

He added: In every society, there are between 1.5 and 3% elites in different fields, and the main capital of any country is the elites, and it is not without reason that others seek to attract the elites of other countries.

America’s wealth is the spoils of the elites of other countries

The Minister of Education said: Today, when our hearts are bleeding for the students of Gaza, the message is that all the non-American elites should leave there for a month. In this case, does this country have anything? All that has been achieved in America is the spoils of the elites of other countries, their IQ is much lower than other countries and they also have nothing in their history.

We hire young teachers to understand the students

He continued: The future world will be known by several features. Today, the generation gap is much less than 25 years, and some believe it has reached less than 10 years, so we need to hire teachers who know today’s students. Currently, 80% of Farhangian University students are less than 20 years old.

The Minister of Education said: People must be able to have high mental strength and resilience in rapid changes, more than half of today’s jobs will not exist in the next 20 years, so we must have a plan to educate the next generation and give them vitality, empathy, skill and We need a working group.

Artificial intelligence creates many changes in education

He added: A significant part of the science that is transmitted today is intermediate science, and we are witnessing a war of competition. Artificial intelligence and new technologies are currently creating many changes in the education system, and the elites of the country must act as an intermediary link between generations.

The Minister of Education continued: What is the competition about today? In the future world, competition is the cause of growth and decline, but what kind of competition? Today, we are witnessing the competition of civilizations, and people who cannot find their position and dignity in civilization will stop moving in the middle of this competition. Also, identity belonging is an important competitive feature in the future world.

The competition of civilizations in the future world

He added: Arrogantly trying to take the national identity of the elite under the pretext of being a global citizen indicates that the competition of civilizations will be formed in the future.

Sahrai addressed the students: reading history and knowing history is important, and strangely, elders in all religions emphasize the reading of history by elites; Because in this case, the person is not a loser in the war of narratives, also in the world of competition, the role of school and family is influential, and education, as the thread of the rosary, has very important duties.

Advising students to read the book “Formula”

Pointing out that the fundamental change document emphasizes creativity and research by students, but we neglected it, he said to the students: I recommend you to read the book “Formula”, this book states 5 universal rules, for example, Newton was not greater than other physicists, but what happened, he remained in history and why Khwarazmi and other great men are not as prominent in history as the great men of Western countries.

According to rahnam, the Alborz Cultural Foundation was founded and dedicated by the efforts of the late Hossein Ali Alborz. For more than half a century, this foundation has supported and encouraged several thousand of the country’s top scientific elites.

This year’s Alborz award is 30 million tomans for each student in the first secondary level and 45 million tomans in the second secondary level (12th grade).

The victory of blood over the sword

Also, Mohammad Mahdi Esmaili; The Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance said today at the Alborz award ceremony: Israel’s arrogance has reached such an extent that they say we should drop an atomic bomb in Gaza, they have killed more than 4 thousand children and they basically do not respect the right to life for Muslims and free people.

He added: “Today we are witnessing the victory of blood over the sword in the ruins of Gaza, the blood of children and the saga of youth. The blood of the oppressed has caused the formation of a general trend of hatred against the criminal Zionist regime all over the world, and soon we will celebrate the decline of this racist and child-killing regime.” we will get

The Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance stated: We are planning to allow Iranian students abroad to participate in the Alborz Award from next year.

Esmaili stated: Waqf has entered new areas such as knowledge bases and today there is waqf in all important economic plans.

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