Hebrew Media: Cabinet Minister’s statement about the nuclear bombing of Gaza is not a mistake, it is an approach – rahnam

According to the Hebrew group of rahnam news agency, Haaretz newspaper revealed in a report in this regard, the statements made by Utsama Yehudith party led by Itmar Ben Gower regarding the use of nuclear bombs against the Gaza Strip as one of the options to deal with this area. It was not a mistake, but it is in the framework of the plans and approaches of the extreme right-wing cabinet.

According to this Hebrew media, the problem that these statements caused was not only for public diplomacy, but this is an Israeli reality.

According to the author of this report, the extreme rightists in Israel really believe in doing this and are looking for its realization.

In this context, he added: This was not a mistake, Eliyahu, who was talking to Radio Cool, emphasized that there are no civilians and innocence in the Gaza Strip.

He was not the only one who said this, Yitzhak Kreuzer, member of the Knesset and a member of Eliyahu’s party, also said in a conversation with Israel Army Radio: The Gaza Strip must be razed to the ground, a sentence must be issued for all the people of Gaza, and that sentence is death. We must erase the Gaza strip from the scene of the day, there is no innocent there.

According to Haaretz: Most of Israel’s cabinet today follows this policy, from Betsalel Smotrich to Ben Goyer, Simha Rotman, Orit Setrok, Avi Maoz, Tsefi Sukkot and Limor Son Han Harmilich all share the same thoughts.

Netanyahu is not a solution but part of the problem, he legitimized the extreme right and during the years he was in power, Israel has become more extreme than ever.

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