Hebrew media: The feeling of insecurity has caused the price to rise in Israel – rahnam

According to the Hebrew group of rahnam news agency, the Hebrew language newspaper Calcalist announced in a report that it published today, Tuesday, that the security situation in Israel has pushed the economic situation towards more problems and it is expected that we will witness a new wave of high prices. According to the report … Read more

Firing 150 rockets from southern Lebanon to northern occupied Palestine – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, Hebrew-speaking sources announced that 150 rockets were fired from southern Lebanon at the military centers and bases of the Zionist regime in northern occupied Palestine. Zionist media announced that more than 20 rockets were fired at Al-Jalil. The Israeli media acknowledged that in the rocket attacks … Read more

Reducing the profit margin of companies from 34% to 13% – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency, Majid Eshghi, head of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization, in a televised interview, referring to the role of the Stock Exchange Organization in realizing the slogan of the year, said: 1402 is the year because of the policies aimed at controlling inflation and also the hardships that exist in … Read more

Closure of schools in 4 cities of Sistan and Baluchistan – rahnam

Mohsen Heydari, in an interview with rahnam reporter in Zahedan, said: During the past day and night, 117 meteorological and rain gauge stations of Sistan and Baluchistan province received rain reports, 36.7 from Nikshahr, 52 from Totan, 5.6 from Zahedan, 12 from Saravan, 39 from Delgan and 17.2 mm of rain has been reported. The … Read more

Police: Avoid traveling to southeastern provinces – rahnam

According to the social reporter of rahnam News Agency, Colonel Ahmad Shirani, head of the Road Traffic Information and Control Center, referring to the announcement of the Meteorological Organization, said: According to the announcement of the Meteorological Organization, in the coming days, we will witness significant rains in the southeastern provinces of the country (Sistan … Read more

What do Israeli experts say about Iran’s historic operation? – rahnam

According to the international group of rahnam News Agency, despite all the efforts of the authorities and military and security apparatus of this regime to conceal the damage caused, Zionist experts and analysts consider this operation as the latest failure of Israel along the irreparable failure of the Al-Aqsa storm operation in 7 They consider … Read more

7 provinces were affected by floods and waterlogging – rahnam

According to the social group of rahnam news agency, Mahmoudi, the head of the rescue organization, said: From today, April 28 and until 15:30, 7 provinces of Bushehr, Khorasan Razavi, Sistan and Baluchistan, Fars, Kerman, Hormozgan and Yazd are affected by the rain system. were placed Mahmoudi added: During this period, 24 relief operations were … Read more

Putin in a conversation with Raisi: Iran’s response was the best punishment for the aggressor – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency’s government sector report, Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, in a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday afternoon, while appreciating the principled and constructive position of the Russian government towards the legitimate defense of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in response to the aggressive action of the Zionist regime … Read more